Fenrir Loves You

Hi there. My name is Fenrir, I am the son of Loki. I enjoy chasing cats, squirrels, and midgardians. I do not like those who are mean to my father. For ages I had a sword stuck in my mouth, and chains around me so that I could not speak or move. Father freed me. Now I can speak and move all I want. I enjoy speaking and moving. I will talk to you, and if you are nice, I will not eat you! Because I am a good boy.

Current M!A: None


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1] Thou shalt be Anonymous. [Thou shalt not submit a magic anon and forget to make thine self anonymous.]
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6] Thou shalt not use thy anon powers to try and deliberately crash a storyline already in effect or overtly influence its outcome in one direction or another.
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